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Only the mest steel.

When manufacturing a top of the line hood, the choice of materials obviously plays a fundamental role. For this reason, Falmec selects and uses Aisi 304 stainless steel made of an18% chrome and 8% nickel alloy. Hygienic, easy to clean and extremely resistant to corrosion (as demonstrated by laboratory testing carried out in a saline mist environment), Aisi 304 is, without a doubt, the best material to be used in the kitchen environment. The Fasteel imprint-proof steel also contributes to the uniqueness of Falmec extractors. The surface always remains beautiful and shiny thanks to the innovative “no finger prints” technology that does not allow any streaks to form. Patented Stratox R technology is used to manufacture multi-layered panels; this invisible solution makes it possible to keep lines and shapes simple, something that is difficult to replicate in normal production processes. The Stratox family of products also use a Fasteel steel.