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Maia Mirabilia

  • An obvious quality choice. Something that has always distinguished Falmec hoods is the AISI 304 steel, a high quality material, the only one that is truly stainless; thanks to the nickel that is part of its alloy.
  • The halogen lighting distinguishes itself with its square shape that combines well with modern hoods. The front opening makes it simple to replace the internal light bulb.
  • Using a special perimeter aspiration system, motor capacity is concentrated within a limited space; this increases air pressure and all around provides a much better distribution of aspiration. all hoods with perimeter aspiration are equipped with soundabsorbing panels.
  • Falmec offers a wide variety of motors for any type of need. Besides the efficiency aspect, special attention is given to noise reduction, with more comfort in the kitchen as a result.
Mirabilia Maia


Scotch brite stainless steel AISI 304

Tempered glass

Electronic control

Perimeter suction

Halogen lighting

Adjusting ambient light

Metallic grease filter, removable and washable

Possibility to duct the wall version from the rear

Charcoal filter included 

Available Versions

Mirabilia Maia Island 85 cm 800 m³/h


  • Island 85 cm

    Motor and control

    800 m3/h, 4 speed electronic control


    "Base" 277x294 mm

    Charcoal filter Type 6


    Easy open halogen light 4x20W

    Incandescent lamps 6x18W for the adjusting backlighting

    Minimum distance from cooker top 60 cm


    Net Weight 85 cm: 47 kg

    Island 85 cm